Chiropractic Testimonials

"I started coming to LifeSpine because of my back pain, and I wanted to get back to being healthy.

I had tried exercises such as yoga and occasionally pain medication, but my pain was gradually getting worse. It kept me from enjoying time with my son and family.

After seeing Dr. J., I immediately started seeing/feeling the results. My pain has now drastically decreased. I’ve noticed that movements and positions that normally caused pain, no longer do!

The office and staff are amazing. They are so sweet, kind, and informational.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say they have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If they are looking to feel great again, they need to see Dr. J!"

- Ashley W.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because I was rear-ended. I have tried other treatments such as medications, but it just masked the pain and didn’t solve the underlying problem. My pain was causing me to have headaches which made it difficult to concentrate at work. After seeing Dr. J., he explained the underlying reason for my pain and took the time to make sure I understood what is causing it. His information was very in-depth and he’s very friendly also.

I am still in treatment, but his staff is very sweet. They even gave me a coffee! 😀

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say they are a great group of friendly people who go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable."

- Cheyanne C.

"I was experiencing pain in my lower back and occasionally in my hips. I have tried other treatments like muscle relaxers and pain relievers.

My pain was at a 7 out of 10. It kept me from performing my job well and in a timely manner. After seeing Dr. J., I learned not only did my back have subluxations, but my neck had them as well, and it was actually in worse shape. After just a few adjustments, I was down to a 4 in pain and could do my job as required. The adjustments even improved my sleep!

My pain is now at a 1 out of 10, and a 2 out of 10 occasionally. The office and staff are more than professional and friendly. They don’t see you like a number and they make this experience very comfortable. If you want to be treated like family, this is the place.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say that it is a choice that should not be passed up. Dr. J. is excellent in the entire experience and is very upfront with you. He doesn’t sugar coat your health, he cares and will tell you what needs to be done and how to help better your life by enhancing your health."

- Zach M.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because I had numerous health issues related to my back.

I have tried other treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and cortisone shots. My pain was debilitating. It kept me from doing my daily activities.
After seeing Dr. J., my pain has improved. My pain is now under control.

The office and staff are very helpful and welcoming.
If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say it changed my life. I just wish I had found Dr. J. and chiropractic much sooner."

- Diana D.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because my wife referred me. Even though I have not tried any other treatments, I couldn’t imagine anything better.

I never realized how crooked my spine was until I saw my x-rays! Dr. J. explained my options to me in great detail, and we created a care plan to adjust my spine.
My pain kept me from running and having a full turn radius in my neck.

After seeing Dr. J., my neck is more mobile, my posture is better, and my pelvis is less uneven. My pain is now not really existent!

The office and staff are always friendly and helpful. They treat you with respect and make you feel at home.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say that it has changed my life for the better. I would encourage them to come in for a visit because it would be well worth their time."

- Anonymous

"Dr. J and the staff are amazing! The atmosphere there is great very relaxing Dr. J is incredibly knowledgeable and cares very deeply about how his patients are doing. the staff always makes me feel welcome, I always feel like a new man when I leave there, thank Dr. J!"

- Paul C.

"Dr. J and his staff are the best!!"

- Sarah

"I started coming to LifeSpine because of neck pain and back pain. They had a $20 special going on, and Dr. J. answered all of my questions when they came to Petco for a spinal screening.

I have tried other treatments such as Tylenol, baths, and massages. My pain was on and off, and it started in high school. I always felt my neck was tight and had a weird popping noise in my neck.

After seeing Dr. J., I have a much better range of motion. He also found other areas that I was having problems within my lower back that I was not aware of.
My pain is now much better, but after working my overnight shift stocking, I feel I need my adjustments which help tremendously.

The office and staff are very polite, kind, accommodating, and very professional. If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say that LifeSpine is a very comforting and professional place. They are very flexible with scheduling and they make treatment affordable. I was scared my first time, but Dr. J. walked me through it."

- Kacie S.

"I began coming to LifeSpine because I started to genuinely care about my long-term health as a whole. I was only 26 when I started seeing Dr. J. and I was having some issues, but I also understood that preventative chiropractic treatment would not only correct the problem at hand but would also save me from years of chronic pain later down the road.

My pain was chronic in my head and neck. I had an ongoing headache for 2 ½ weeks, and I was continuously taking medicine to relieve the pain. It kept me from being comfortable from the moment I woke up until I went to bed.

After seeing Dr. J., I felt both immediate and continued relief and comfort. Underlying spinal misalignments were identified, treated, and corrected. I went from having moderate irregular spinal curvatures to normalized measurements over the course of my care plan. To this day, I have not had another headache that wasn’t induced by something I did to injure it, as opposed to them coming on randomly due to bad posture.

My pain is now rare and nearly non-present. Sometimes I need an adjustment, but that is why I visit once a month for a follow-up care plan.

The office and staff are friendly, personable, helpful, professional, and accommodating to my needs. Office space is interesting, stimulating, and professional.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say that even if you do not feel as though you need to check the health of your spine…do it anyway, and do it at LifeSpine. If you are in search of a health center that feels like family, check out LifeSpine as well. They are not cold and distant like most Dr.’s office employees. They care and you can see it through their actions."

- Ryan B.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because of back pain in Jan of 2013 and soon after starting treatment, I became ill with bronchitis. Dr. J. was able to help my cough and I soon felt better.

Every year, for 18 years, around October – January, I would get bronchitis that would turn into pneumonia! Since I have started seeing Dr. J., I have not had pneumonia once!

It’s amazing and almost unbelievable. I still get bronchitis, but it’s less severe and I get better more quickly.

Now with Dr. J. and a massage which includes reflexology, I feel better even more quickly!

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say Dr. J. is amazing!"

- Tina S.

"I started coming to LifeSpine by the grace of God. It was by chance that I filled out a small piece of paper for a free breakfast and to learn some facts. (Thinking it was facts of how to eat healthily!)

I have tried other treatments, but my pain would only come right back-from one chiropractor to a physical therapy program.

My pain consisted of a lot of pressure on my neck with headaches accompanying it. I also had shoulder pain and backaches. It kept me from being relaxed and happy.

After seeing Dr. J., I started feeling better just from his first adjustment. My neck felt so tight, it was like he had just lifted a brick off of my neck!

My pain is now so much better- no more headaches, and I can turn my neck so much more now.

The office and staff were wonderful. They make me feel like part of their family. I am so blessed to have found them.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say Dr. J. is very knowledgeable of his work and very compassionate with all his patients. He takes the time to talk to you and explain everything - he goes over things in very easy terms to understand. He is great, and so is his staff! You have to experience it to believe it! AMEN!!!"

- D.S.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because I had lower back pain. It was painful for me to walk, stand, sit, or lay. I have also suffered from chronic migraines for at least 26 years!

I have tried other treatments for migraines including daily prescriptions and botox injections.

My pain was excruciating and debilitating. It kept me from living my daily life to my full potential. The migraines were occurring 15+ days a month! My back injury had kept me from working my job and performing daily activities.

After seeing Dr. J., my back is continually improving. I am able to do more of my normal daily activities. My migraines have improved drastically to the point that I have discontinued botox injections. I am now experiencing maybe 4 migraines a month compared to the 15 a month I was having!

My pain is now manageable. My back is healing. I still deal with stiffness and tightness, but my motion is coming back. As for my migraines, I no longer live in fear of developing a migraine every day.

The office and staff are awesome! They are sympathetic to my pain and only want the best for me.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say do it! You’ve got nothing to lose but the pain!"

- Melanie R.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because of pain in my neck caused by an accident.

I have tried other treatments, exercises, and had applied heat and ice on sore areas.

Before Dr. J., I had a lot of trouble driving because I could not look towards the left.

My pain has improved greatly! After seeing Dr. J., I have made major improvements, and I’m satisfied with my results.

On a scale of 1-10, my pain is now 0 in my neck!! My lower back tends to have some pain every now and then, but it’s minimal.

The office and staff are very polite and direct. I enjoyed my services, adjustments, and treatments.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say it’s a convenient way to relax and release stress. The treatments are beneficial and the adjustments certainly help improve spinal health."

- Victoria T.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because I had neck stiffness and back tightness. I hadn’t tried any other treatments before coming to Dr. J.

Because of my pain, I had very limited movement when turning my head from side to side. It also kept me from sleeping well. I could only get about 4 hours of sleep at a time.

After seeing Dr. for 2 months, I started to get the urge to run, something I had not done in 2 years! I also noticed my mental alertness was sharper and I was enjoying just having fun again.

My pain is now down to a faint and distant shadow of what I was tolerating before.

The office and staff are more than willing to listen to my symptoms in order to help relieve them.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say it’s well worth the time and effort to get this professional help."

- Randall K.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because I heard Dr. J. give a presentation at our garden club. After listening to the information, I realized I was the classic train wreck!

I have tried other treatments, physical therapy, other chiropractors, massage therapy, and injections.

My back kept going “out” frequently. It would happen about every 2-3 months and would last several days. The pain scale was a 9-10! I also had neck issues and bad posture.

It kept me from moving! I was unable to all of the things I love to do like garden, work, drive, and at times, I couldn’t even do normal everyday activities.

After seeing Dr. J., I feel like I have an almost normal back. I’ve had one slight 2-day episode since October 2013, but I am able to do everything I need to. We are still working on my neck to improve the curve and posture.

MY PAIN IS NOW ONLY 0-1, from a 9-10 when I first came in! The office and staff were exceptional- always smiling and helpful.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say you will be in good hands, with a treatment plan and follow-ups. You will have the best possible outcome. Dr. J. really takes an interest in researching and finding a solution to improve your treatment."

- Diana M.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because of my low back pain. I have tried other treatments such as over-the-counter medication, but nothing seemed to help.

My pain was debilitating and it was making it hard to do daily activities or household duties.

It kept me from living a full life. I was not able to playfully with my daughter.

After seeing Dr. J., I am happier that my back is much less painful. I work as a nurse and leave work with little to no pain daily.

My pain is now reduced and I am back to being and living more fun, functional life.

The office and staff are pleasant and educational on how to reduce and prevent future injuries.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say they are able to get you to a better, healthier you."

- Michelle R.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because the pain goes to be too much to handle on a day to day basis. I felt something may be wrong.

I have tried other treatments but nothing was helping relieve the pain. My pain was getting to a severe stage where I couldn’t sleep. It kept me from sleeping and being able to enjoy some activities I love.

After seeing Dr. J., I have had relief after just the first adjustment. He thoroughly explains why you’re having the issues you’re having and how he may be able to help in a kind manner as well.

My pain is now starting to feel like it’s becoming less on a day to day basis for sure.

The office and staff were always kind and friendly every visit. If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine I would say I’m very pleased with my results thus far! Dr. J. is very knowledgeable in not only his field but others as well and can help many people if given an opportunity!"

- Happy Patient

"I started coming to LifeSpine because I have had lower back and neck stiffness off and on for several years. I discovered I have some scoliosis, and my neck was tilting my head forward.

After seeing Dr. J., my head and neck position have begun to correct, and I feel that my overall posture has improved.

The office and staff were very friendly and informative.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine I would say LifeSpine has convinced me of the importance of chiropractic medicine in my overall health. I expect to see continued improvement."

- Roberta P.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because I had a sharp pain in my lower back. I had gone to a couple of chiropractors seeking relief, and I even had a doctor giving me muscle relaxers to relieve the tightness in my lower back.

My pain was continuous for several years and it was continuing to get worse as each day went by.

It kept me from going through the day without having pain. I just dealt with it.

After seeing Dr. J., the pain level has decreased from an 8 or 9 to, as of right now, a 3. After my adjustment, I can go five days until I could start feeling the pain level go back up.

My pain is now still there, but not even close to the way it was six months ago. The stretches and exercises given to strengthen the muscles in my lower back seem to keep my back muscles stretched out.

The office and staff were wonderful. They are very friendly and concerned to control the problems that were going on in my back. They both are good people and I am glad that I came in.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine I would say that they would do whatever it takes to get rid of any pain that is giving you problems."

- Joshua M.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because I have scoliosis and a bulging disk in my lower back that doctors wanted to perform back surgery on.

I have tried many other avenues looking for relief such as other chiropractors, S.I. injections, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Tylenol, and other medications.

My pain was constant and never getting better. I was also very cranky!

It kept me from doing housework and playing with my kids. The medicine made me sleep most of the time.

After seeing Dr. J., I am able to play with my kids and my back only bothers me when it gets cold.

My pain is now tolerable with little to no medication. I mostly only take Tylenol when my back is cold and starts cramping up.

The office and staff were extremely nice and treated me like I was more than just a patient.

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine, I would say to definitely give them a try. There’s nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!!"

- Charissa M.

"I started coming to LifeSpine because Doc came to our Garden Club and spoke about taking care of our spine while gardening.

I have tried other treatments, but nothing seemed to help. I mostly used hot/cold packs, for my aches and pains, or Tylenol.

My pain was affecting my quality of life. I quilt and sew and volunteer with animal rescue and I wasn’t enjoying those activities as much.

My pain kept me from taking long walks with my dogs and sewing for long periods of time.

After seeing Dr. J., my quality of life is much improved. I don’t feel my age, and since I have never acted my age, it’s a good thing my energy has improved.

My pain is now only a memory. Not non-existent, but certainly only occurs once in a while.

The office and staff were great. (The dogs are fun too!)

If I were to tell someone about LifeSpine I would say, “Try it, you’ll like it.”

- Janice K.

"I started coming to Lifespine because my neck was always hurting after I worked all night, and Dr. J. gave a program at my Garden Club.

I had never tried other treatments to try to help, but my pain was pretty consistent, so I just lived with it.

It kept me from turning my head from side to side.

After seeing Dr. J., I can now turn my head and move around faster. I am even sleeping better!

My pain is now almost gone, and my neck is not stiff and sore after work, and the office and staff were courteous and very helpful.

If I were to tell someone about Lifespine I would say try it! When I slipped and fell, my neck hurt so bad I thought my head would fall off- I was literally holding my head up with my arms. Dr. J. worked me in and the next day I could function. The second day I could turn my head side to side and the pain was almost gone!"

- Susan B.

"Wish I had done this years ago! Probably could have saved going through surgery and 15 years of debilitating back pain. I haven't felt this good in a very long time. I am back to exercising, sleeping through the night, waking up in the morning without pain. Yeah! I highly recommend making chiropractic a routine part of everyone's life, kinda like the need to have regular dental care only the back is MUCH more important. Dr. J and Tracy are great to work with, they show compassion and understanding. Dr. J is very knowledgeable well beyond the chiropractic field and brings a variety of expertise together to retain and restore a pain-free life. Thank you Lifespine!"

- Lisa R.

"I was in a car accident in January of 2012. I was seeing my chiropractor that I had seen in the past and thought that with a regular course on treatment that I would get better as I had before. However, this time was different. My neck pain wasn't getting better and it was affecting my sleep, my work, my driving, in essence, my life!

It was at that point that I decided to go for a second opinion and chose LifeSpine Health Enhancement Center. Dr. J took x-rays and we established pretty quickly why I was in so much pain. My neck was out of alignment and my skull was resting on my spinal cord with no gap in-between. Dr. J and Tracy helped me decide on the best course of treatment and got me started ASAP on getting my life back.

After the first few treatments, I was already feeling better which was a welcomed relief. Now, after a few short months, I am in maintenance and am back to feeling like me again.

Thank you to the entire LifeSpine Team for helping me get my life back!"

- Ashley B.

"I started going to LifeSpine almost a year ago. I had severe back pain and numbness in my left leg. My doctor wanted me to have an invasive procedure done to see what was causing the numbness in my leg. Thankfully Dr. J came to my workplace and gave a demonstration and talked about what happens to your body when you sit at a desk job all day. After seeing how bad my spine had become over the years I was amazed at the improvement that he has made to my spine. I am able to be more active I can bend, move, dance - a lot of things I hadn't been able to do in a long time. I feel like a much younger person and can't thank Doc and Tracy enough. I have also referred numerous friends and my son, he was 17 when he started his treatments and we never realized at such a young age that so much damage could be there. But they were also able to help him with his agility in sports which was amazing to see the difference. We both continue to see the Dr. once a month just to keep in check, and I wouldn't have it any other way. They are both awesome people and they really care about their patients like they are their family. THANK YOU, DR. J, and TRACY you have changed my life and my friends and family's life for the better and we really APPRECIATED you both!!! One last thing, my son is away at college now and was in a biking accident and I asked if he needed me to come and make sure he was alright and he said no, but can you send Dr. J so he can make me feel better. :)"

- Lisa B.

"I started seeing Dr. Currier in June 2013 at the request of my husband who is a patient and was extremely pleased with his sessions with the doctor. I really hadn't realized how limited my neck movement had become and it was a shock to find out. Dr. Currier has done specific adjustments to my neck and back as well as discovering one leg is slightly shorter which accounts for some of the pain I have had. I have been truly impressed with all that he has done and continues to do to help me be at my best physically. And I dearly LOVE the treatment sessions, the massage chair is a thing of beauty! I can not recommend Dr. Currier or his staff highly enough."

- Tammy B

"In May 2012, I was attending a convention and raised my left arm up when suddenly I had horrible pain. My shoulder area felt like it had a cramp in a muscle. I was very concerned. After some thought, I blamed it on stress and tension since my job was very demanding and stressful, more than usual, at that time. The pain eased up after several weeks, but I was having my neck stiffen a lot and I had tight spots in my neck which apparently were muscles knotted up in my neck.

During the summer, my husband and I were at Belleville County Fair and met Dr. Jonathan Currier. Dr. Currier started treatments with me a short time after that. What can I say? In three weeks, I found tremendous relief and much improvement from Dr. Currier’s adjustments. Twelve years ago I had neck surgery and I have to say that my neck and back feel the best ever since my surgery and before my surgery.

Thank you, Dr. Currier!"

- Martha S.

"When I began coming to Dr. Currier I was a broken down painful mess. I lived on ice packs and ibuprofen for severe cervical and lumbar pain. Dr. Currier told me I was on my way to either neck or back surgery. There was no curve in my neck and he could hardly touch either my neck or my lower back. I felt hopeless!

Dr. Currier and Tracy worked up a plan for me and we began in August of 2012 at three times per week. Every time I would leave his office I felt like I had been hit by a truck! I had also complained of severe pain in my upper left arm. I could not sleep at night and raising my arm was almost impossible.

A few weeks went by and one day I noticed my arm did not hurt anymore. I had that pain for nearly a year and was resigned to just “live with it.” Now I could sleep on my left side and it no longer hurt when I picked up my grandbaby!!

After about a month of treatments, I also noticed that my neck no longer hurt and I could actually turn it from side to side with no pain! And I could rise up from a chair with no lower back pain. I had lived with neck and back pain for so long, that not having any pain was a brand new way of life for me!

So here I am – 3 months after treatment began…my x-rays show a good cervical cure…arm pain?? Non –existent and my low back no longer “barks” at me when I get up out of a chair. I am positively euphoric!! Nothing hurts anymore!!

“Thank you” is such a lame response for what Dr. Currier did for me. I always ask the Lord to bless LifeSpine, Dr. Currier, and Tracy. I feel God opened the way for me to come here to start back on the road to health! I love you guys and can’t imagine my life without you in it!!"

- Sherry R.

"My wife began coming to LifeSpine before I did. She finally persuaded me to have Dr. Currier check me out. My neck and arm always did hurt a lot, but I just took ibuprofen and tried to forget about it.

Dr. Currier found areas that were out of line and very sore. I signed up for a personally developed program hoping for some relief.

I have responded very well to the adjustments and therapy I receive at LifeSpine. My neck is much better and my arm seems to move with less tightness and pain.

I highly recommend LifeSpine. I have since referred my son-in-law to Dr. Currier and I always suggest my friends come here.

He is a very caring and knowledgeable chiropractor and I am glad he is taking care of me!"

- Ron R.

"I met Dr. Currier and his wife at the O’Fallon Health Fair in October of 2012.

When I walked into Dr. J.’s office, I was suffering from 1-2 severe migraines a week since the summer of 2011. I was taking 600mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day just to make it through the week!

I also had to burn in my thighs while driving and sleeping. I had tried other avenues of healthcare and had little to no relief from my symptoms. I had nerve block shots, and back surgery in 2005 for the L5/S1 region.

The staff and the healthcare provided were both very good. I have NO more headaches and I feel 90% better!! The burning in my legs is completely gone, and I am completely off my migraine medication!!

Dr. Currier and Tracy said I look like a completely different man compared to the first day I walked in their office; and now I am able to relish in all of the things I love in life, and I am even able to enjoy planning my daughter’s wedding."

- Michael H.

"Met Dr. J. when he gave an informative speech during our M.S. meeting. He taught us how chiropractic can help people suffering from M.S. I was intrigued and decided to make my first appointment at LifeSpine.

I didn’t really have too many aches and pains before my first appointment, but after the first adjustment, I realized how much I needed the care! I never noticed how limited my range of motion was in my neck!

The staff at LifeSpine is wonderful, professional, and caring with a touch of humor; it’s just great! Dr. J. is completely above board and takes the time to answer all of my questions. I love the therapy room and I want a massage chair of my own.

I’ve had EXCELLENT improvement since starting care with LifeSpine. I have an amount of rotation in my neck that I haven’t had in YEARS! I also have more energy, strength and I have more of a positive outlook on life.

People have noticed my improvement and ask about my care at LifeSpine. I have, and will, recommend them to my family and friends."

- Tammie B.

"In March 2012, I asked my family doctor about the benefits of a chiropractor for the tightness and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. He thought it was a great idea, approved and I began the search for a doctor.

I had no recommendations or referrals, so I observed numerous office signs as I rode through the metro area but never made a decision. Then, one beautiful day in May, as I was stiffly washing my car in the driveway, a bearded young man approached and very professionally promoted the chiropractor office he planned to open in July. We talked for a couple of minutes, I explained my physical concerns, gave him my contact information and he told me he would be in touch. I was very impressed, he was promoting himself rather than hiring someone to run door to door hanging flyers.

On a Sunday afternoon in late July, I received a call letting me know the practice would open in a few days and I could be scheduled for an immediate appointment. I accepted and two days later my life, neck, shoulders, back and limited understanding of how the spine affects the body forever changed.

Doctor Currier is exceptional. He listened to my concerns and developed a thorough treatment plan that included x-rays, an in-depth physical examination, periodic adjustment schedule, personal at-home exercises, and follow on maintenance visits.

After my first neck adjustment, I could immediately feel the positive effects. I could actually look from side to side without turning my entire body.

Throughout my care plan, I actually looked forward to “going to the Doctor”. Never missed an appointment! Each and every day I felt better and better. The tightness and stiffness subsided and the tingling in my arms and hands slowly went away.

Today, eleven months later, I still look forward to my monthly adjustment. My body just feels better and I never had to take a PILL.

I highly recommend Doctor Currier. He and his staff are very professional and provide exceptional service."

- John M.

"I decided to make my first appointment at LifeSpine when Dr. J. and Tracy gave me a free massage at my work. My neck and back were stiff.

Before my first appointment, I had no idea that I was standing leaning to one side. I also did not know that I had scoliosis and that my pelvis was not level; because of this, I was carrying more of my weight to one side of my body.

Due to treatments, exercise, and being more conscious of my posture, my scoliosis curve has improved and so has my posture. Even though I didn’t have any major complaints before my care at LifeSpine, I am very glad I am getting chiropractic care. As long as I am receiving care, I will have a healthy spine (free from arthritis) and be able to enjoy my retirement to the fullest!"

- Debra K.

"I met Dr. J. and Tracy at Fabulous Fitness in OFallon and decided to go in for an initial visit. Having suffered from chronic pain for many years because of a near-fatal head-on collision, I've tried many methods of treatment, always ending up with chronic pain.

Dr. J. has been a tremendous help in setting up a plan for helping my difficult neck problems, shoulder tightness, and spasms, and lower back pain.

Tracy keeps the office humming in a positive and friendly fashion and is the perfect complement to Dr. J's interest in his patients and highly professional care.

I strongly recommend LifeSpine, especially when you don't feel there is an answer to your chronic pain.

I have less pain, more energy, and a better overall outlook on everything.

I am truly happy to have found Dr. J, Tracy, and LifeSpine."

- Marcia H.

"Dear Dr. Currier and Tracy,

I am 41 years old and have suffered from moderate to severe back pain, neck and shoulder pain, migraine and tension headaches, and difficulty sleeping for at least 20 years. I was in 2 car accidents as a teenager and endured over 17 years of physical (and mental) abuse. I would wake up with pain, have pain all day long, have worse pain in the evening, and try to go to sleep with pain. Many times in the past I have had Physical Therapy which helped for 4-6 weeks at most. I tried a Chiropractor that was not Dr. J - went twice and did not return. Over the years I have taken muscle relaxers and narcotic pain medications for unbearable flare-ups, and most every day have taken 800 mg of Ibuprofen every 8-12 hours, Tylenol 1,000 mg every 4-6 hours just to take the edge off the pain, and a sleeping pill every night. I bought a Tempur-pedic bed, Electrostimulation device, heating pads, massaging pads and seats, and many more items that help relieve the pain, but none made the pain go away. I really thought that I was going to live with these horrible pains for the rest of my life (and I am still young). A friend told me about Dr. J; she said her back was feeling soooo much better. I have been seeing Dr. J since January (2013). My back no longer hurts, I hardly ever have a headache and I can fall asleep without taking a pill. I still have a little tightness in my shoulders, but this is improving as well. I love gardening and yard work, and this spring for the first time ever, it did not cause me any pain. My progress is unbelievable, but it is real. Dr. J and Tracy are both truly concerned about my pain and my needs. You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for giving me my life back."

- Tina S.

"Dear Dr. Currier and Tracy,

While I entered the realm of your care without real aches and pains, I must say that I am now amazed at how much more flexible and loose I feel since the care I have received from your facility. You have both behaved in a totally professional and caring fashion. I highly recommend that my patients, friends, and family seek care with you. Your training and touch were the best. The office setting is very relaxing and all care was rendered in a timely manner.

My care was thoroughly explained with your care plan and was executed as proposed with positive results. Both your care and results were superb. Thanks “Doc” and Tracy."

- Paul B.

"Approximately 18 months ago, I injured my left knee and outer calf stifling my active life even down to the simple task of walking to my mailbox. Leaving me with continued and constant pain, which at the time, was excruciating and brought me to tears, I went to my regular doctor. After being prescribed to attend 12 long and expensive weeks of physical therapy—3 times a week—I was told I suffered from “extreme osteoarthritis” and would “just have to live with it.” I was given a “result” of my pain, but never a “cause!” I felt helpless to do anything and totally out of control of my life. My frustration turned to anger and I was not willing to come to a screeching halt in my active physical lifestyle. Not knowing where to turn next, and being a prayerful person. I found myself praying more than ever for an answer to ease my pain.

Several days later, Dr. Currier knocked at my door introducing himself, his wife, and the establishment of their newly located practice. Impressed with Dr. Currier’s demeanor, professionalism, and tenacity to go about the neighborhood and knock door to door, and Dr. Currier’s bimonthly postcard and letter follow up, I found myself confronted with a window of opportunity and a new view of chiropractic medicine. Being a skeptic of chiropractic medicine, as many misinformed people are, I was hesitant to even consider it. Yet, the pain I had was becoming so unbearable, I was willing to try anything and took the proverbial “leap of faith.”

I came for the introductory meeting and made it very clear my thoughts, feelings, and expectations of chiropractors. Much to my surprise, Dr. Currier found several other inadequacies from my x-rays that contributed not only to my existing pain but my digestion and a misaligned spine, and shortening of my right leg as well!! Acknowledging I do have osteoarthritis but that I do not have to accept that I will “just have to live with it” Dr. Currier spent time explaining the issues at hand, how my quality of life could improve and gave me a sense of taking control of my life once again without making unattainable promises.

In just the first three weeks of care, on a scale of 1-10, my average pain level went from an unbearable 12 to about a 4 or 5!! Great news for me, and now I was sleeping at night and started my normal activities in moderation. Coming to Dr. Currier enabled me to regain control of my life and not “settle” for what other doctors in the medical profession offered me—no hope. Dr. Currier found and explained the “cause” of my pain and therefore allowed his methodology and knowledge to determine the best plan of therapy for me to attain the desired “results.”

Today, a little over two-thirds of the way through my 90-day care plan and beginning my rehab portion, I am very pleased to say I can resume about 85 percent of my activities and my pain level is stabilized between 1-2. Most days, I am totally pain-free!! Though I still may not be able to do many of the things I used to do, I am not as debilitated as I was led to believe I would be.

I am thankful to God for hearing my prayers and my request for relief. I believe he placed Dr. Currier at my door for that purpose. It is said, “Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7) I asked; I opened the door and I have received it."

- Leslie G

"I became a patient of LifeSpine because I met Dr. Currier and Tracy through a visit to Gold’s Gym. Before I started going to LifeSpine for treatments I was feeling so much pain in my lower back that I could not bend over and put my pants on. I had to sit down in a chair to put on my clothes. This was frustrating because I’m fairly a young man that is healthy and active. I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for at least two years. I noticed there was a problem when I could not bend down and field ground balls during softball games. The only temporary relief from my lower back pain was using the whirlpool, ice, and heat that was applied at the lower back. When I met Dr. J and Tracy at the Gold’s Gym company day they were very nice and concerned about the problems I was encountering with my lower back and invited me to their office for evaluation.

The most I liked about my care was the evaluation that Dr. J performed. He was able to discuss one on one about what led to my lower back problem, evaluated my x-rays and showed me the degenerative disk disease that could happen at my L5 vertebrae if I continue to go without care, and gave me a care plan that will reduce the degeneration disk disease from being chronic. The least I liked about my care was the scheduling of the treatments at first, but I understand now. It is important at the beginning to have a high frequency of appointments to get your body and spine adjusted because the spine needs to be re-trained the right way to gain your form back. I have seen immediate results in my lower back as the pain has subsided. The ongoing treatments and exercise assignments that Dr. J has assigned me has shown a big improvement. After six weeks, I was able to be re-evaluated with x-rays to see the progress of the spacing of the discs in my lower back and neck. The pain has reduced in my lower back while the spine has straightened out a little, from curving to the right and conforming to the natural curve of the spine vertically. I would recommend Dr. J to anyone that is having back problem or neck problems and correcting their back and neck problems before it gets to a Phase 3 Degeneration.

Herb Nugent

Dr. J (Dr. Currier) is great! He is warm, friendly--yet very professional. My husband and children also go to Dr. J for adjustments. We feel very comfortable in his care. We highly recommend it!!"

- Dani L.

"Dr. Currier and Staff,

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much LifeSpine Health Enhancement Center has changed my life.

I have been in pain with my neck and lower back for years. I was only able to turn my neck, either way, a small amount and my lower back pain were affecting my job as a cashier.

I have been to several other Chiropractors and two neurosurgeons. None of the chiropractors were able to help, and I was sent by a neurosurgeon to get an MRI which showed that I have two herniated discs in C6 and C7. I was advised that I had no option but to have surgery to fuse them together.

This would have to be done through an incision in my throat which was very risky given the extent of my disk degeneration. I was also told that once this was done, the other discs would have to take on the extra stress to compensate and as I got older, these would wear out much quicker and nothing else could be done except MORE surgery. Unfortunately, my neurosurgeon said that my disc degeneration was so advanced that more than likely more surgery would not be an option, and at that point, it would leave me forever in pain.

In the two months that I have been receiving care at LifeSpine, I have regained an incredible amount of motion in my neck. I have also done this without any pain. I have never received the kind of care that I have here, and I have never before been educated on how this happened or how to help improve myself.

Since receiving care at LifeSpine, I no longer have the need to take antacids or anti-inflammatories on a daily basis. I am currently taking a lesser dose of blood pressure medicine, and at the end of my three-month care plan, my medical doctor is going to remove me from the medicine on a trial basis.

The lack of pain has also enabled me to continue exercising which has resulted so far in a loss of 23 pounds. I am able to complete full work shifts with little or no discomfort. I know this will only continue to improve through my care plan.

Thank you and bless you so much for improving the quality of my life. I feel I have only begun my healing. I am willing and eager to work with you for however long it takes to reach the maximum amount of healing, and then to continue with periodic maintenance. I am so excited and happy to say….


- Judy F.

"LifeSpine offers wonderful service. You can tell that Dr. Currier is passionate and dedicated to his work. He is very thorough and professional and he genuinely cares about the health of his patients.

If you’re feeling like a penny…He’ll make you feel like a million bucks!"

- Katrina M

"I came to visit LifeSpine because they were strongly recommended by a friend of my wife. I had flat feet from birth and always used some type of arch support. But over the last year, this was no longer working and it was getting extremely painful to walk even short distances. In my initial exam, Dr. Currier also detected moderately severe problems with the spine. In addition to a better set of arch supports he recommended a rather intense program of three per week visits for about a month which I agreed to.

After about two weeks my new arch supports arrived and I noticed immediately that they were much more comfortable and supportive than my old ones. In two more weeks, I was able to walk a mile again with no foot pain. To me, this quick improvement was remarkable and very important since these walks were my main type of exercise.

The month of spinal treatments greatly improved my flexibility, posture, numbness in heads, feet, and shoulders. Also, I seem to have a much higher energy level. I had been getting depressed over my declining health and since going through these treatments I feel much more optimistic. In addition to the normal chiropractic manipulations, Dr. Currier has given recommendations on diet, exercise, and even sleep aids.

LifeSpine staff is always courteous, respectful of my opinions, and skillful in their treatments. Dr. Currier likes to say he is allowing my body to health itself. It seems to be working."

- Frank N.


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